Les 400 Coups – Restaurant Montreal

The restaurant Les 400 Coups has long been a destination of choice for a sought-after and accessible meal. For several years, it renewed its gastronomic experience. It was prized by fine palates and followers of fine cuisine. Each plate presented a delicious mix of local products. All this made the 400 Coups dining experience invigorating, unique, and exquisite.

The Official Closure of the Restaurant

The restaurant Les 400 Coups was located in the heart of the Old Port of Montreal. In mid-May 2020, the restaurant of Notre-Dame Street announced the temporary closure of its doors via its Instagram account. The pandemic situation finally has won a popular establishment. The company declared bankruptcy a few days later.

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While the Les 400 Coups experience cannot be renewed, the surrounding streets are full of cafes to try. Here are the best Restaurants in Montreal where to eat at:

Verses Bistro

Facade of the Verses Bistro restaurant

Among these, Verses Bistro, located at 100 St-Paul O. Street , offers a French and contemporary menu. A similar emphasis is placed on incorporating local foods into recipes. A real delight!

📭 Address: 100 Saint-Paul St W, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 1Z3, Canada
📞 Telephone: +1 514-788-4000
💻 Website: versesrestaurant.com


Facade of Epik restaurant

There is also Epik restaurant located at 171 St-Paul Street. Delicious Italian dishes are served in a sumptuous stone setting.

📭 Address: 171 Saint-Paul St W, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 1Z5, Canada
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💻 Website: restaurantepik.com


Facade of the Modavie restaurant

Modavie bistro, located at 1 St-Paul O. Street, offers a French-inspired menu within a few minutes’ walk. It is better to visit the bistro in the evening when talented musicians perform.

📭 Address: 1 Saint-Paul St W, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 1Y6, Canada
📞 Telephone: +1 514-287-9582
💻 Website: modavie.com

Honorary Clients of the Restaurant

History of the Restaurant Les 400 Coups

Restaurant Montreal

Les 400 Coups opened its doors in 2010, in a setting reminiscent of the city of love. Large photos of popular Parisian boulevards are hanged on the walls of the restaurant. Over the years, the chefs have followed traditions established in the restaurant. They were able to pass their incredible experience for the preparing tasty wedding foods. Great care was given to the flavour of each bite, as well as to the creative and careful presentation of the dishes.

An Advantageous Position

The restaurant had the advantage of being located in the borough of Notre-Dame. The neighborhood is a jewel of discoveries and experiences in Montreal. It is a gathering place where it is good to meet. Charming cobbled alleys, Fresh River air, tall trees, and parks give the place a romantic atmosphere. Tourists and regulars are delighted by the culinary offer and the vibrant energy of Montreal’s popular neighborhood.

At the heart of Montreal’s culture, Les 400 Coups was also a prime location for special events. Its private room could accommodate from 50 to 80 guests, whether for a birthday, a business meeting, or any other celebration.

The visitors always appreciated the dishes. The cuisine was largely inspired by the products from the market. The freshness was there! In collaboration with local merchants, the restaurant’s chefs were inspired by their surroundings. They thus ensured the evolution of the menu over the seasons.

The offer was varied, original, and succulent. Three menus were available: dinner, supper, and dessert. From aperitif to digestif, nothing was forgotten. A complete meal, renewed or changed according to the tastes of that moment.

Special menus were also created for special events. At La Relâche gourmand, the table d’hôte was offered at a reduced price, in collaboration with three other Montreal restaurants. In Montreal’s context, it was a meal 4-course visitors could try for only 75$.

To make visitors have the culinary experience at 400 Coups, the sommelier offered a perfect wine chord, available with glass or bottle. His recommendations to accompany the dishes were current and personalized. He offered new flavours to be discovered and tamed. The diverse menu included imported delicious wine.

Why was the Restaurant Les 400 Coups Closed

Beautiful and neat interior of Les 400 Coups restaurant, Montreal

The field of catering is very competitive. Problems such as a lack of human resources could be at stake in the Les 400 Coups shutdown. It was already difficult to work in restoration before the pandemic. We believe that COVID-19 dealt the final blow to restaurateurs in a precarious situation. The owners of the Les 400 Coups restaurant placed the restaurant under bankruptcy law protection in May. However, the restaurant is registered in two locations, only one of the two entries announced bankruptcy.

Will it be the return of all flavours?